The future foundation of this country will depend on how the current youth groups are moulded and brought up in the society. These should include the roles they partake each and every day. And to make it work and adorable, the youth should have regional and international exposure which would bring them closer to world activities that could be adopted for the benefit of the country. It could be one of the reasons why the National Youth Union Chairperson, Gola Boyoi Gola is urging the government to support the youth in regional politics. Gola who had attended the Forth Extraordinary Pan African Youth Union Congress in Niger and tried to run for one of the five positions for the regional vice presidents felt that with full support for the government the youth of this country could do wonders in the regional and international forums. True youth need support but they also must come out with clear and clean agenda to back-up that support.  The national and states union representatives should not lean or expect goodwill from the political arenas. They should be careful to be lured with goodies from politicians to support their agendas some of which are designed to divide them and the country. The youth should remain firm and united not to accept to be used. Their conscious should guide them against all odds. The youth should understand one thing that this country belong to them and only them who can make it be what they want for the future. It is true that some of them have been wrongly used by some politicians but this is the time to take stock and identify where some of them had gone wrong with the aim and purpose to correct them never to be repeated again. With unity and support they will be talking with one voice.

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