By Akol Arop Akol (Guest)

Odongo Odoyo

Have you seen how busy are the streets of Juba with young people dressed in uniforms? Every morning you see young kids of about three to five years old of the nursery being carried by bodaboda or school vans to school, teenagers of primary boarding buses and high school students with strong limbs footing to school. What about university students without uniforms, how do we recognize them? They carry their big bags with books and they walk in hurry for lectures.

If you pass near Nyakuron (Disco) road, you will see many young people there, and you may think they are migrating the city. Busy between the two campuses (Main and Western) of the University of Juba, it is like there’s academic prophets who told them that the progress of South Sudan and better life would be achieved through education.

The same to Upper Nile University, Catholic University, Christian University, Starford International University College among other learning institutions are highly populated. This is a significant truth that the younger generation has accepted the call for education.

On February 21, Stratford International University College graduated the second batch with over 500 graduates in different specialization at Freedom Hall in Juba. The event was colorful as it brought together relatives, guardians and scholars who prepared their sons and daughters until they reached the highest achieved destinations.

The knowledge they have acquired and what they will do in their respect fields of professions are for the good of their families, communities and the country at large. Soon, they will be liberating their people from poverty, illiteracy and Socio-political discrimination. The young people have undoubtedly realized that education is the only tool and a key for opening the doors of opportunities, that’s why if you visit the universities, you will see a big population there.

They therefore need support in terms of paying their fees by parents, giving them effective knowledge and practical skills as well as fulfilling the most important part of employing them after graduation. This can be a collective responsibility from both parents and the leaders of this country.

Even if not your child, support him or her to go to school. Even if it is a private school or university, support it because education is not one man’s property or wealth, it is for all. An educated person is a gift to the community and country.

Special thanks to the government institutions that pledged 12 million South Sudanese Pounds to Startford International University College which will be used for expanding the university. Such support should also be given to other universities such as University of Juba, University of Bahr El Ghazal, University of Northern Bahr El Ghazal, Rumbek University and Dr. John Memorial University among others that are providing education for the generation that will develop the nation.

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