Your tomorrow starts today

By Ngor Khot Garang

I know deep down within your heart are dreams and goals about what you want to see happening in your life.

You have been hoping for something good to happen and celebrate like those who have done before.

You  have seen people celebrating victories and the reflection of their victories gives you a clear picture about your own that is about to  come.

Maybe you have been waiting in the line to be attended to by the servants of success but all in vain and you are asking yourself.  “Is this how am going to end?” Or should I expect for something better out of my desperate and hopeless situation”.

The world is a funny place and the happenings, I mean the challenges or setbacks we face in our journey are just normal and they happen to test our faith.

They have happened to many successful people and if you are lucky to ask one of them how it was like. “It was really hard but I gave my best and that is all”.  That is what they will tell you.

To win in life is a process that requires each and one of us to have faith and courage.  I don’t want to include hope here because I have come to realize that hope is a beggar and I don’t encourage you to be a beggar at your age. Never!

You have to believe in your God-given potentials and devote your time and energy to achieve it.

You should not let yourself be driven by men and women who will only celebrate when you fail in life.

Maybe your daddy was a banker or he is an accountant and he wants you to follow his footsteps to become like him while in your heart you have two conflicting loyalties with your own heart telling you to be a medical doctor.

What will you do, should you follow what your heart is telling you or the one your daddy is telling you.

Let me tell you something, what is impossible to you is proved possible through your commitment.  Something in your heart might be telling you that being a banker is the best career simply because your dad is a banker when you know in your heart that your real call in life is to be a medical doctor.

This is the reason why so many people fail to fulfill their calls in life. We don’t believe that each one of us is blessed with gifts that when realized early and harnessed properly would make us successful in life.

Many young people go to school but unfortunately they do not know what they are going to be or where their future career lies.  This notion is common with those who compare themselves with others and feel like they are the last or that they are not gifted like the rest.

If you are living your life like that, better change before it is too late.  God has a purpose for everyone.

The challenges you are facing or how you are created maybe you see yourself as of no value will not affect who you were meant to be in life.

You have something to contribute to the world and it would be a great mistake if you leave this world the same way you first came.

I assume that in your departure to Heaven as it will surely happen later in life.  There are men that you will meet before reaching where Jesus is who will ask you what you have left behind on earth.

How will you answer this question?  Will you say I have not done anything or I have not impacted someone’s life?

I think on that day, you will regret having lived your life as if it were for someone else.

God did not created us for nothing or to just come and fill the earth, there is a purpose for which we are all created and it is to leave this world a more better place than we found it for those who are coming after us.

Now the question is, are we doing the needful?  Does what we are doing today portray the will of God for us? Are we sure that what we are doing in this moment of time will make us better people tomorrow?

If you know within your heart that there is someone you have not yet become that you wish to see one day.  Then I encourage you to start right now.

You have to do something even if it is small,  it is what will determine your tomorrow.

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