Your mind is power

By Akol Arop Akol

There is no work that you will do in life that will stably lead to success without the use of mind. You may do hand work but without using the mind, you will not maintain what you have achieved.

Many people tried life shortcuts and they prospered but their wealth don’t last long just because they don’t have good planning. They have only one plan and if it fails, they have no plan B.

Those who have one plan mostly do shortcuts. When doing business they bribe and exploitation of workers and raising the prices of goods and services become the easiest way prospering which is an injustice.

Those bosses who like exploit the workers benefit more because the more they work; the more products increase in quantities and qualities.

Exploitation comes in when a worker works harder and longer yet his or her payment is little. It is not only against the law but also against God’s plan for human being. He said a man must work and sweat in order to get food.

Unfortunately some of pitiless and humdrum employers today see other humans like losers or people who are there to remain at one level of life. Their sweet makes someone else rich.

Seeing them as watchmen they think they will stay there for the rest of their lives. But the World is turning for everyone.

Tomorrow those low-paid workers will strive on till they hold big positions and one time they will employ your children.

You as a worker, you need to think like a man, your mind is power when you use it well. A farmer may start to clear his garden and grow crops using hand tools but gradually he will expand his garden into a farm and use tractor for cultivation.

Referring to you, there is a small level where you will start from. The small step you are taking today as from Zero will let you be a hero one day in life.

That is when you will turn destroyers into friendly advisors. They will regret for mistreating you when they realize that once, you have vision and goals.

People who refused to greet or talk to you will be give you a hand shake and they respect for who you have become.

When you misuse your mind, you will surely destroy your life. As said an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, thinking always about failure will hold you to the past. But remember the past cannot be changed but the future can be planned and designed.

Do not let people say this or that. Let them not decide who you should be in future or what to do. By doing something suggested, you will go to a path you will regret and you will be considered as a person with no personal priority and rejected as a follower not capable of making your own choices.

The career, lifestyle, dignity and personality are the first priorities which are only the result of having a positive mind. When you think and talk about what you want and how to get it, you feel happier and have a greater control of your life.

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