Your life will flash before your face one day

By Ngor Khot Garang

Sometimes, I wonder at the extremities of life and how nature treats people and this has given me a better understanding of the reason as to why people question the existence of God when they are faced with a lot of challenges.

I have learned of one courageous boy who even though has been for almost his childhood followed by indescribable tragedies has managed to accept that God must have created him for something greater than his temporary problems.

He had lost his dear dad in a bar brawl and then few weeks  later,  another catastrophe that almost cost his life struck, he lost his mother who was the only family and a pillar left.

These rays of misfortune which in quick succession followed themselves without doubt left him with nothing but himself alone.

He had thought of suicide but realized that it was a coward’s way out.

I think there is no need to complete the boy’s story because there is something I want you to understand.

I know it and I can never be told anybody else that many of us are like this boy. We succumb to many problems and many of us since they came to this world have never seen or experienced  what a good life look like or just a shadow of it.

This leave thousands stressed and happiness becomes something they cannot afford especially to those that are abandoned or nobody is supporting them as they continue asking themselves  if really the sun will shine in their direction.

It will surely shine. I have always stood behind people who due to their family backgrounds and the way they look at themselves, maybe they are not beautiful or nice looking have reclined and concluded that they are failures in life.

I have always sought of challenging these people by telling them that, they are more than who they think they are and that they can be whatever they want to be in this world.

I don’t know if you have ever had a thought about why you are here on earth in this moment of time, in this generation and not somewhere else or in the last generation.

If you have never had a thought about that, then you should be assured that you are God’s most valued products regardless of where you come from, what you eat or the school you are attending or have attended.

God sees you in your daily struggle and has fixed a day for you that can never be altered by man where you will see the other version of you; a version that will inspire others.

Do not give up before the dawn breaks, I know the load is too heavy that you can’t wait for the future that also seem unpromising to come. But you have to understand that every producer feels proud of his/her products.

Though you look unkempt and with no sign that you will be somebody tomorrow, you should not be discouraged because God would not be God and nobody would believe in him if he creates “nobody”.

You may hide behind those lame excuses that if God was there why some people die without achieving their goals and why is the world so full of evil than good, war and not peace.

But I beg you to bind your why(s) and dispose them off because the problems and continued suffering in this world is the choice of man.  Had we chosen peace instead of war, we would have lived the life designed for us.

Therefore, the place where you are today and the hard situation where you are in is never your destiny. Your story will change for the better and you will even realise in the day you almost felt like giving up.

If you are finding it hard to go to school because nobody is willing to pay your school fees, scrawl and if you are a man/woman whose sweat have never yielded fruit,  keep pushing. There is something that your eyes cannot see that will surely take you by surprise. You will eventually win and your life will give others light to discover their hidden potentials.

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