Your day is your activities

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

If you get up early in the morning, you could start your daily activities after waking up from the bed. Some people start with prayers, thank God for the gift of life; others start with opening radio stations, seeking for news from different stations. They want to know what is taking place in the world and in his or her country. Others could start their day with sports; early in the morning, they will run around or do any kind of sports to help their bodies.

If not all, many people know the importance of sports to their bodies, it keeps our bodies healthy. For the starting of the day, it is an individual choice of what he or she could start. It also depends on how you train yourselves, when you are still young and continue doing them as part of your life.

Others things which might have been unplanned can happen in your daily activities, like thefts, dead cases, sickness and many others. It is overuse you can start with it if you receive a call that Mr. X is dead or Mr. Y is seriously sick admitted in the hospital. The above mentioned are part and parcel of our life, you cannot avoid them in your daily activities. It is only how you can take care or adjust yourself about on what you can do. Otherwise, life is full of problems, whether you like it or not you can meet one of them as mentioned above. In South Sudan, our security is still poor; you cannot say that your life is safe. At night or during the day time anything can happen to you. Better choose what is good for you and it will help you until the end of the day. If you believe that you can start your day with prayer so that God helps you, it is much better, because what we are doing in this world is known by God.

May God bless us all.

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