A foot for thought

Your culture is your dignity

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The title of this story was commonly used on the streets and occasions. Some communities were known through their cultures, the way they dressed, food, songs, dance and many others. There were groups of people moving to other countries with their cultures, for example Ethiopian community. Other nations would have shops selling clothes, food items and artifacts with writings. They felt at home when eating food prepared by them.

Another example are Indians and Chinese, they have shops, if you go to Chinese Embassy, there is a shop near to the Embassy, they buy food from their own shops. All those food items were brought from their countries.They have always kept their culture and spoke their mother languages throughout and taught children who were born in South Sudan and other countries.

In South Sudan, there are tribes who are practicing the same, it helps them a lot to maintain their cultures and identity. During the time of war, many South Sudanese went to the neighboring countries as refugees, but still they maintained their languages in those countries.

It would remain for generations, the opposite is that if we abandon our cultures, it would get lost and will be difficult for the incoming generations to know. Women in Africa fought hard to keep cultures; however, it was easy for their children to master their languages from childhood.

Therefore, it is important to keep our cultures and teach children cultural practices. In other countries there are national languages taught in schools. Children learn right from schools and homes through their parents because they are the first teachers.

Keep your culture and be proud about them, it is reflecting you as a person and as a group. Keep in minds, move with it, your culture is your dignity, take care of it.

May God bless us all.

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