Young women equipped on legislative reforms

By Wek Atak Kacjang

South Sudan Youth Organizations’ Coalition, a loose collection of over 25 youth-led organizations has trained young parliamentarians and Women Forum members on legislative reforms in a bid to increase their legal capacity.

The session also seeks to mentor young women parliamentarians and Young Women Forum on youth-related legislation pending to be tabled in parliament; these include the youth enterprise development fund, among others.

Speaking during the opening session in Juba, Peter Malir Biar, the Chairperson of the South Sudan Youth Organizations Coalition said it was imperative that young women were capacitated to advance the voices of the citizens at the legislative unit of the government.

“With this training that targets our women in the society, we are expecting the society to reform as it observes and uplifts the girl child,” he said in an opening remark on Thursday in Juba.

The youth activist believes the young parliamentarians would effect reforms and much-needed improvements in the national assembly that are necessary for the citizens’ welfare.

“It is our fondest hope that the honorable young parliamentarians that are present today will champion this initiative and make recognizable reforms in the legislature,” Malir stressed.    

The activity funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) was conducted in partnership with Christian Agency for Peace and Development in Juba. 

Over 20 young parliamentarians and Women Forum members attended the session.

According to Malir, the session lays emphasis on youth effective participation in the permanent constitution-making process as the constitution addresses the country’s legal gap.

Yar Telar Ring Deng, a member of the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) vowed to advocate for the young people at the assembly level.

She notes that though the constitution is never clear on some of the provisions, Ms. Yar said she would try her best to push for the women and South Sudanese as a whole.  

“There is need to create an enabling peaceful political environment to encourage women participation in the political processes as well as citizens,” she said.

Night Agnes Khani, a young women forum representative appreciated the training, stating that it was essential as it furthers civic education on the pending legislation.

“It is critical to the civil population as it reforms the basis of civic education to ensure approval of the laws and the constitutional making process by seeking approval from the citizens,”

Last month, young parliamentarians of the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislation Assembly (R-TNLA) were trained on legislation and motion drafting. It also included youth development policies, among others.

The training was expected to make the policymakers aware of their surroundings and daily business.

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