By Agar Mayor Gai

In Africa, especially in South Sudan, politics has a different meaning. The young sit along streets to sip tea and discuss government issues to qualify to be a politician. They also say that if a person follows up whatever happens in the day-to-day activities of the government, you are the number one politician.  These simple connotations have now created a new outlook of politics in young population.

Every young person feels that if he does not take a part in all these, he will be left out of the game and so he struggled hard to buy suits, very nice shoes and join those who sip tea and discuss the failures or successes of the government along the streets. Some have stopped going to schools and for those who have managed to join university or any other institutions, their success in their respective fields is a difficulty though they pass with good grades, I do not consider that a success. They have no time for books, all they have is time for figuring out where the government has failed or succeeded. Even within their respective universities, I have learned that there are certain sites where they converge to discuss all these nonsense. This should not have been the case rather. Our elder ones are the root cause in my own view. When they get a chance of being a certain government post holder, they fill that office with his/her young persons from his village. This entices the young people into participating in big talks of the country. They do not think of any other things, these all, is what life requires of them in their view.

For successful nations in this world, life of any person has three stages that he/she has to pass through to qualify as a person that has succeeded in all aspects of living. When young, you are required that you go to school and in that school, you entirely commit yourself to doing their activities such that in the end, you are promoted to the other stage of life with full confidence that in the that stage, you will surely make it to all that it requires.

After school, the stage that follows is self-benefitting. You work for your own self. If you have succeeded in doing so, if interested, you now open the gates to the last stage of your personal life, which is the political life. In this stage, you do not need money since you have yours, you do not want to create disunity among your people. All that you want is proper delivery of national services to the civil population. All these three stages are required of any person in order to provide the best form of government policy and to do the delivery of services satisfactorily and successfully.

In order for our country to produce the best service providers, young people should not jump up to the last stage before going by what nature has set for successful society or people. If our country continues as for now, the only set of people that it will produce has a question. They will only be corrupt, tribalistic and nepotistic. We as young people should save this nation and not contributing to its failure.  This should serve as an advice to my fellow young people that for us to be good national service providers (politicians), we have to wait for our time as we prepare ourselves through studying, working for ourselves such that we do not take of a national fund at that time, such that we do not support tribal conflicts when that time comes, such that we are not considered a failed country at our time.

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