Odongo Odoyo


The walking and playing of children on the streets of Juba, as dressed in their best Christmas clothes and enjoying sweets and cakes was a sign that the Christmas day made them joyful.

One thing that worried me is their safety. It is clear that Juba is full of hotels and Bars with alcohols sold anyhow which are not good for children. Around the streets of Gudele, I found some boys of around 12 to 15 year-olds dressed in torn jeans dancing at a bar close to the road. I also by bussed the street of the along Malakia-Custom road and around Nyakuron where I saw young ones being chased by police. They were running while shouting. Some even fell down and hurt themselves.

The police dispersed them to avoid night time party where they would end up fighting.

At their teenage, there is no style of hair or dressing they have not put on. They felt like it was their birthday not even for Son of God. And instead of making that day as for joy, taking soft drinks, dressing decently and dancing to gospel songs, those young ones preferred doing everything negative on this day.

They decided to drink dangerous liquids and snipped all kinds of drugs and they went moving on streets causing problems for strangers and themselves as well.

In the night of 24th around a church in Amarat, young boys mobilized and hunted themselves in group.

They were drank and came to cause unrest to the congregation. While people were praying outside, they were busy fighting sharp tools like knives and pangas. Good enough, some soldiers rescued the situation and they ran away.

The same to all corners of the City, when it is a celebration day, children drink alcohols more than elders and they end up fighting.

This makes it a threat to people on the streets because most of the time, they harmed bystanders with stones they were throwing and cutting themselves with knives. This repeated manner should be seen and addressed well by parents and the government by raising awareness and putting restrictions on consumption of dangerous drugs and alcohols by young ones.

Business people and the government through the Ministry of youth and Sports, Culture and Museums and that of education should open up spaces for recreation of the children and youth where they can go and spend good time during big celebrations.

Leaving them to drink, dance and fight on streets is a bad image for the country.

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