Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Two young men, our opinion writers who are currently pursuing their degrees one in medicine and the other in geology and mining, were discussing what the future holds for them after college. They discussed all that was possible including the life they would differently want to lead as successful young-men. One thing that was missing which they did not touch was marriage. Melek and Arop were too engrossed that they did not mind pouring their hearts out to one another. They are young men who are looking forward to good earned life for themselves and the country. I have known Arop, as a senior two student and now, he is at the university while Malek has been with us as an opinion writer for almost the last three years as he pursues his medical degree. As they talked, they did not consciously recognize my attention on them and their topic. Since l needed to know why they were avoiding the topic of marriage, l had to intervene and make my attention noticed. Then l asked them loudly why they were avoiding to mention what kinds of wives they would like to have. As if they were waiting for the question, they unanimously answered in chorus “Yaba, most of our girls are wearing make-ups and not for marriage. They are mostly materials that do not know when you are serious or not. And more, they do not keep relationship life to enable one gauge their potentialities and qualities for a good woman. Most of them are for out-meeting either in clubs or restaurants.” I listened to these young-men and remained solid shaken because their futures were not complete and needed serious and urgent panel-beating. One time, Akol had narrated to me how he was forced to abandon a first-time date at one of the popular places while another time Malek had told me how he was afraid of being in a serious relationship due to high level of dowry. He confided that many young-people of his age were faced with an uphill task to meet the dowry demand. One may wonder why l like engaging young people in such discussions. It is because l am very much concerned with the welfare of the youth and l would want to know and learn more about their feelings that they hold for the future generation. They must be prepared to be the foundation of the nation and must take full responsibilities as their forefathers without which no positive direction should be expected. The reflection of these two young men represent the feelings of pothers. If this trend is maintained,what would be the future of young-men in our midst. It is like a time bomb waiting to explode if not nurtured appropriately and handled with gloved hands since even choosing future partners deep from the village level was yet another problem to these young-men. Collectively, we all need to address this issue as it might remain of concern in the public domain if not handled down its roots.

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