Young entrepreneurs complete three weeks training in China.

Bol Kuany Ayuel (L) from South Sudan posing for a photo with some of the officials during the training in China.

By Morris Dogga

Medium and small scale business entrepreneurs from South Sudan and other African Countries have completed three weeks capacity training in China.

From South Soudan the participants were sent by an association dubbed South Sudan China friendship association (SSCHIFA).

The association is a South Sudanese based. It focuses on people to people relationship between the people of South Sudan and China.

It also links South Sudanese to scholarships offered by the people of China. It deals with private companies and individuals.

The business training was part of the China Aid to Africa.

Bol Kuany Ayuel, an entrepreneur from South Sudan said the training was informative and educative given that China Policy towards Africa was an open policy.

He told Juba Monitor that they learned how the economy of China has been transforming and how the China Aid has helped African Countries transform their economies.

“They had introduced platforms in every province. Business people will go with their products and the government will support them if they don’t have the capacity to continue,” he said.

Kuany added that the Chinese have also developed very fast because they hold business exposure throughout China.

He urged SSCHIFA to continue sending medium and small scale business entrepreneurs to China so that they can get more experience and exposure.

Kuany further stated that they also learned how China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been growing every year and how China relates to the rest of the world.

“This exposure is opening up opportunities especially for the youth. If there are opportunities then people should be allowed to and attend because they were very helpful,” he said.

The representative of the SSCHIFA Dut Abednego said his association was working in coordination with the Chinese embassy in Juba to make sure that Small scale entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary knowledge.

The association has so far sent more than 20 South Sudanese to China on different scholarships.

Dut said his association was looking towards promoting South Sudanese businessmen and women to build relationships with their counterparts in China.

South Sudan- China Friendship Association is a diplomatic organization that deals with people to people relationship.



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