You should help others

By Akol Arop Akol

You may think having everything, food, drinks, clothing, good house, good car and huge money is the key to happiness but have you ever heard a saying that rich people are not all that happy? The reason is that richness and happiness are different terms whose practices and roots are different.

Would you like someone close to you like a relative or a friend to be crying while smiling? Could you love to be singing while someone is crying? Life is not about considering yourself and forgetting others. Life by itself has channels that connect people just like food web or food chain in ecology.

You never know that your presence is making someone exist in this world. Take example of your own family, maybe you are the elder son, daughter, father and mother, you are supposed to help them. Their hopes are on you. But may sometimes fail to take responsibility.

You will hear people saying, ‘’I don’t care, it is my life’’ when they collide with the rest. Yes life is personal but what one does is for all. Though some will not realize your importance among them and disrespect you, still you need t0 make them understand. Think, what good is it to advise another person to correct him or herself? It might be like judging them or behaving perfect then the other.

People know the definition of God but application and direction is not well known according to their imagination. God is in Heaven, on Earth and everywhere and He is always present. That means God talks to His people through dreams, events or people. Yet when someone advises you, ignorance closes your ears and heart. You may see them of no help.

When you face problems, you should ask your friends to comfort you because they have power to bless, to make you happy, make you succeed, make you relaxed.  All these are the reasons why helping others is important because they will help you in return one day.

When you see your brothers and sisters stressed or agonized it is your task to give them comfort as they will again do the same when you face similar things.

It is common that people only need help when they have problems, but when they are free and comfortable they don’t turn an eye to the fellow which is wrong according to the creator of all creatures. As every dog has its own day, you have your good and bad day. When good one comes, thank God and share with others such that tomorrow when you fall to your knees, they will hold your hand to make you walk.  But if you brag and walk alone, sometimes you will not go glowing and you will need a help from those you have once ignored.

The Bible tells to treat others like how you want to be treated, love the neighbor as you love yourself and don’t forget to help the needy. These qualities are for each and every human to show in daily life. It makes sense when you value others importantly like you. Give assistance, advice and pray for the sick and misfortune ones to also get a good life, which is how you help others.

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