Some government dockets dealing with matters of national interests should wake up from their slumber land and do what they are employed to do. There was report of the killing of the 15 South Sudanese in the neigbouring Sudan which was reported by an activist based in Khartoum which indicated the people shot to death had been hired by a local to go and do some work in his simsim farm with a promise to return them to their refugee camp. This did not happen because after work there occurred arguments between the farm owner and the refugees leading to physical tragedy of the farm owner and the refugees. There is no official communication from both the Sudan Embassy which has maintained no knowledge of the fatality and even more worse is the ministry of Foreign Affairs where the official spokesperson maintained the same status. Not even the country’s embassy in Khartoum has come out to say something about the matter. Indeed if this is true then something is terribly wrong in and within the protocol and diplomatic circles.  These are two sisterly countries playing major role in uplifting and boosting the economy of both. Each one has a reason to rely on the other but where communication on important matters seems to lack direction, something ought or must be done to correct the situation. The activist rightly took it upon herself to inform the S. Sudan embassy in Khartoum but the matter has not been properly addressed or if it has then someone is not very keen to address it. It is not the wish of those killed to find themselves in that state. One can imagine the shooting to death of 15 unarmed people who might have just disagreed with the farm owner on terms and condition of the work they did which should not have turned into mob-justice murders.

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