You make changes

It is said that change is something compulsory for every human to experience and change must change those who don’t want to change. Absolutely I believe it. The reason the saying goes like that is because there are some of us who always likely to do things that are against humanity and God too. Even though they insist on evil deeds, they will never remain like that for the rest of their lives but they must get transformed by the power of change.

If a question is asked that who doesn’t want change? No one would put up his or her hand. We go to school, workplace and to the church to make difference in life through learning new ideas.

One should ask him or herself about what to do in life so as to achieve goals but when there are no priorities there are no victories.

You may be thinking all the time about how you missed opportunities yesterday and you feel regretful, instead you should think about what today and tomorrow will offer you. You need to know that there are lucks and opportunities mainly made for you. So, grab them close when they approach you. Focusing on the past mistakes is like you don’t want to progress. It is okay to remember what you have gone through but you have to learn lessons and make corrections. You might have insulted someone and you quarreled so the simple solution is to reconcile by admitting your mistakes and welcoming apologies. Someone may fight you because you failed to pay back the money you have borrowed, so you give it back and be in peace. People could have left you because you are poor, therefore do some work to earn money and they will come back.

Before it’s too late and for you not to regret later that nobody awarded you, or that you have not been advice well. Now am telling the reality about the life of this world. Life is a journey, it needs hard struggle. Life goes good when you do the good things but becomes worst when you do the bad things. Pull up your socks and cook your mind.  Do anything where you would earn something for a living. Don’t choose jobs according to your desire saying this job is dirty and that is small. Let me say, No job is dirty or small. Every job is fine as long as it does offend others. You have to do a job equivalent to your skills and the qualification in terms of education. I am very sure that many of us finish their studies and immediately want to be employed in government offices but I want to tell you all especially the youth not to depend on working with the government. Start with little business where you have skills. A journey of thousand miles only starts with one step. Take a step today and   very soon you will see the wonders. Do any minor jobs such as ridding boda-boda or being a watchman. These jobs are being ignored but they are good as long as you earn some money. Do you fear to do any job? I assume that it is because people talk about you. Let them talk about what they think as much as they can but strengthen your heart. The changes you are making are not for them. They are all for your benefit in the future. Don’t let them bring you down. Now is your time to struggle very hard to shape your future. Follow your desires, hopes, and dreams of becoming somebody great in the future. Follow my advice and it will help you to focus on your daily life. Everyone has a chance to change as long as you believe in yourself.

By Akol Arop Akol

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