You are not at a breaking point of life

By Chol Peter Majoh

When hurricane broke out in USA and destroyed properties, lives were lost and many people were left in despair. The survivors felt like they were nearing breaking point in life. Sally, who was one of the survivors then explained: “I didn’t know how much I could take. I felt that I was near the breaking point.”

Of course, this is how anyone can feel when something tragic happens. Life can be bliss when all goes well. But when all turns upside down, the trust goes off and distress replaces it, the agony possesses the heart and confidence fades, and hope vanishes and hopelessness comes to its place.

All happen at the times of hardship, when nothing seems something and when it seems like you are swimming in the sea where the shore is miles away and no help seems underway for you; but that’s not the breaking point.  I call the time calamity or tragedy wants to try you, a time of your final test, a time when you overcome it brings you everlasting peace.

When you tighten your heart and endure it while standing on your toes and making all possible to overcome, finally you will find your life not at the breaking point. The breaking point is death, but the pain, trouble and suffering are temporary. They go with change especially when the heart’s knots are strongly tightened and hope is never let go in life.

Sometimes, I see like all can happen for your story to make sense and to later encourage others who might give up or fail if you never overcame yours. The best you can do when trouble befell you is to hold up your eyes to God who created you for he knows your grief and tears, seek association with those who can help you out and never let go the hope.  Nevertheless, you can cry inwardly when no one sees you. That’s to cry without showing that you are crying. Why do I have to say?

It’s because you have others who depend on you for courage. Maybe, you are head of the family or a hope for someone to grow strong to attain success. If you cry or outshine to him or her that you are at the breaking point or you are almost defeated by the circumstance, he or she may gift up and become hopeless. Be bold in your distress and show those you want to plant hope in them as nothing seems wrong; your life is not at the point of breaking, never be discouraged to discourage those you are spearheading.

Ben Carson’s mum carried the heaviest burden, but she never let her son learned what she went through. She was the confidence for her two sons, Ben and Curtis. She too was the hope for them.  She taught, encouraged, inspired and mentored them because she knew her problem wasn’t bigger than the dreams she had and thus all happened as we can see today. Through her, Ben Carson became the world’s known neurosurgeon. Your world is not at the breaking point of life, it’s soon coming to its real sense; never give up, your life has a meaning.


The author is a student of Development Communication and Public Relations at the University of Juba. He’s reachable via email cholpetermajo@gmail.com or Cell: 0922295373

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