The world is full of wonders. Imagine someone who is so successful is sacked because of his success. Imagine your boss gives you an assignment and you turn-over the income bracket by 100 percent and because of that he fires you for being over competent. All because you did your best to please the boss and add more income to the institution. This is the true story of a Spanish youth coach whose team beat the opponent 25-nil goals in a tournament which his bosses did not want and fired him for that success. The bosses felt that the coach had overdone it by letting his boys or team loose to hammer the opponent that much. To our minds and layman, the coach was not in the pitch playing but he had groomed and readied his team well for the match. They went in the pitch with one reason or point that they had to win. In every competition there must be a winner. And this is the reality every one of us has in life to win against all odds. We could not see or apprehend reasons for the coach’s sacking by the top organ. In life where should we be if not winners? Who does not want to be associated with winners? In seeking clarification as to what could have been the shortfall or mistake of this coach, our usual friend, SaTP, was very categorical, he told us that all success are not always success for any better, the Spanish team’s win  included. He was privy to some know-how in the European Football Laws which partly says a competing team has to have a certain limit of edging the other not to go marathon and overdo the assignments. The law is very clear. There are eleven players from each side including the goal-keeper. In this case each of them scored two goals and one or two of them scored the extra three goals. Look at it this way there is no time when a goal-keeper will score in the opponent side unless there is a penalty kick or if by any chance he kicks the ball from his goal mouth to the other end inside the net which is very rare. Our argument was taking a different dimension with SaTP who normally do not accept argument defeat. He was always firm on his take and gave us an example of one senior legislator who was accused and arrested for allegedly raping his own daughter. The man has since been cleared of the charges and set free by the court. We could not piece together how related the football win and the case were. However, our be-spectacle friend continued a win is a win it might come late or before but the name is a win. Imagine how this man’s name went around the social, print and electronic media outlets. He was at that time like the Spanish club which was trounced by the opponent 25 to nil goals but now he is bouncing back in the limelight having been acquitted and cleared of all charges. Before we could ask for more explanation, our friend parted with these words “the world we live in is a strange planet, you are not a winner until you win and win to win.”

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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