You are not a loser

By Ngor Khot Garang
I still belong to the school of thought that no one was destined to
remain a failure for the rest of his or her life. We are products of
clean hands and anyone alive has every right to succeed in life. Let
me tell you if you are still doubtful.You may think irrationally that
why do I have to pass through this and that? Why do I have to fail
in anything I put my hand on?  Why did Godcreate me in this
poverty-stricken family? If I were meant for greater things in life? I
have tried to start a small business but failure was all to behold,
where do I fall in the race? You ponder why you are here?

 I think I am lagging behind the shadows of victors because
I have no one to support me achieve my dreams, because I’m physically
handicapped, i was born by parents who could not by any mean manage to send me to school. These are the thoughts that we carry when we are confronted with a lot of difficulties that makes us think like there is no need to be hopeful. But that is more than what I think about you.

Listen, just before you were born, the time when the clay was
not yet worked upon, I mean the clay on which you were created. The celestial skies decided what day and time you would arrive on this earth. It was even decided that who would be the carrier and what his or her position would be in life.

This is a clear indication that there is a reason to be proud of whoyou are and accept things the way they are. God cannot waste His timeand energy to create you and leave you just like that. That’s not trueat all. Get me right, I don’t mean you should sit down there waitingfor God to perform miracles. You have to join the race and play yourpart in the game of life. That’s the reason why you were created; youwere not created for nothing, if you are a school boy or girl don’t letyourself be surmounted by every ounce of challenge you face on yourway, something great is going to happen in your life.

The same thing, if you have been looking for a good job and can’t findone, don’t go home and start playing dominoes just because you can’tfind work. That is a sure way of accepting failure. Do something evenif you feel ashamed of it because people take it as something odd oruseless, that does not concern you provided you get money from doingit. Who knows that could be the channel of your success?

Do not be discouraged by people’s perception about you or what you do. You will not feel the fang of criticism when you know what you are doing. Just take for instances, Joseph was a carpenter who later became a father of a son that was ransomed to save humanity from its woes. When he was a carpenter, did he know something like this was going to happen? Did he know that he was destined to be the father of a child who will bear the burdens of humanity?

I think not. Joseph was just an ordinary person like you but God paid him for his efforts because he was fondof cutting timbers not because he loves it but there was nothing, hecould do to survive other than messing with seesaw and timber. This
shows that God cannot create you for no reason or just to be a failure
in your life.

You have to make things happen, who knows you might be as lucky asJoseph. Don’t mistake me for this. Am not saying Mary is going to givebirth to another baby Jesus. That is not what I mean, what am trying tosay is that you have been born  to turn things around, to break thechain of poverty and hopelessness.

To be a pride to your parents and community and the whole world, who knows what the future holds for you? Don’t be afraid, your future is foreseeable, just follow the steps, make the right choices for yourself, there is nothing absolutely difficult in this world if you believe that you are a divine creature. You have a part to play in the race and you are not a loser.

Make up your mind and erase that feeling that you do not fit
in those shoes. That you are not capable, not gifted, not having the playing shoes. Don’t think this way; don’t be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Strive to be successful in anything you do.

You see me as a young writer, I don’t have money and I really want it but what I do here on daily basis is a complete success because I do it with passion and love. I can easily quit this pen revolution and take up these manual jobs where I could make up to SSP 2000 a day but I don’t want to do that because there are people who needs my writing and having no money or status does not make me a loser.

Real failure is when I am not doing anything for myself and my community. Therefore, I challenge you to stand up for everything and please, you have to understand that going through some difficult moments does not make you a loser in life. It actually prepares you for something better.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope.

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