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By Ngor Khot Garang

This world has stolen a great number of people who should have left something inspirational behind.

Some died as a result of discrimination from their fellow human beings after being constantly abused or rejected due to physical limitations, disease or financial constraints. While others looked at themselves and concluded that God has not created them well.

They look at others as the special creatures of God and forget about themselves simply because they come from underprivileged backgrounds or their level of education is not what others expect and they tend to live a miserable life.

These kind of people possessed innate abilities that when it is discovered and developed would set them above any limitations or push them to success.

Am talking about everyone including the disabled and all those who are facing difficulties in life.

Every human being has been gifted and are all entitled to have success as a birth-right depending on the way one plays his or her own cards.

Play it well and it becomes okay with you, play it poorly it becomes harder and that is the difference, nothing more and absolutely nothing less.  We reap what we sow but before going a little further, are we sowing anything?

That is the question we should be asking ourselves or anyone who feels he or she is not capable of doing something.

Do not be deceived that you can’t make a change in your life and do not be pressed down by the challenges and difficulties of life.  The problems of this world are many and they will increase if you just remain blaming God or your family members for having subjected you to unbearable kind of life.

Have you ever wondered why there is much sufferings, pains, robbery and death?  It is because nobody cares if you live or not and that is why our streets are filled with beggars because everyone is on his or her own.

Those who believe in themselves accepted life as it is and try their level best while others who look in the mirror and concluded that they are not worthy resorted to robbery and street life.

Does it make us happy when we see people begging on street, I hope you will not be comfortable when you see someone who is still breathing stretching his or hand for alms.

This is a sign of defeat in life for people who live their life as robbers but for others like disabled, children and women, they are forced by unavoidable circumstances and these are the kind of people that needs help from us.

We must not give up because the fact that others are making it in life means that we too can make it and leave a very good image behind. Nothing is really hard and the way they appears to us is the same way they have appeared to others before.

They say you carry your own cross and now the point is what you are doing with your life. Are you one of those who are almost giving up because you don’t see yourself as an important person nor are you carrying your cross?

If you are one of those who are almost giving up, I have got a wonderful message for you.  You are talented and you can do something in this moment of time because God did not created you for nothing and he did not  want you to go back with that gift because it is going to be of no use where you will end up later.

You have to carry your own cross no matter how heavy it is and take full responsibility for your life.

If thing are very hard, giving up is not the solution, you must ride yourself slowly until you get what you want as the saying goes, “you have to have to hang around the barber shop and sooner or later you gonna get a haircut”.

I like those people who work around custom and Konyokonyo market. Some of them are amputees while others are those that the society calls disabled.

They sell sweets and other small items to survive and there is hope that if the country settle as it is the hope of everyone, they are going to change from selling sweets to soda and water.

These are the people who have refused to let people’s sharp criticism and physical limitations hold them back and that’s how we should all feel.  This world is not a good place, if you triple and fell, unless you help yourself up alone, nobody will ever come to your rescue.

It is your life and you are as important as any other person that you admire.

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