YMO mesmerizes fans in Juba

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

RnB musician YMO has mesmerized his Juba-based fans Thursday with a sterling stage live performance.

YMO is the version of the best stars in the world music map and on Saturday in Juba, fans witnessed the best of the star.

From songs like to beautiful South Sudan and the series of collaborations that YMO did, many were left wondering what the singer is still doing in South Sudan because his talent is beyond.

Yanas aka Sarah was amongst those who left the crowd yarning for more and indeed it was a beautiful South Sudan event.

Rapper J Yang, the award-winning Rapper spits several verses of rap flow as the drums and brass beaters kept doing their thing during the show.

The event was attended by majority South Sudanese celebrities such as Morolokombo of Miraya FM, Jonny Bee and many other stars.

Excited YMO appreciated his fans for turning up for the concert and promised to do his best in representing the country’s music industry.

“To all that turned up for the show, I appreciate. You motivated me to do more and more for the industry”, said YMO.

YMO rose to fame when he did the cover up for despacito in Arabic.

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