Yirol West commissioner released in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Lakes State, Rumbek confirmed that the SPLM-IO commissioner in Yirol West county Andrew Achieng Anhiem who had been detained and taken to the State capital Rumbek have been released and verbally suspended from his position by the governor of Lakes State general Rin Tueny Mabor.

Yesterday the office of Lakes State governor, availed itself the opportunity to address the citizens of lakes, the general public and to deconstruct the misleading press statement by some members representing SPLM-IO.

William Koji Kirjok, Caretaker Minister of Information and Communication in Lakes State confirmed that the commissioner was taken to Rumbek capital and was suspended from his position by the governor, Rin TuenyMabor.

“Commissioner of Yirol West county wasn’t arrested and is not detained but he was suspended from his position for poor working relationship with government authorities including the governor,” said.

He added that commissioner is very safe in Rumbek, there is nothing with his life, only that is not allowed to work since the decision was made.‘There is no letter of suspension given to him but he has just been put aside, there is nothing to do with a letter of suspension. The letter will come out from his chairman when his removal is approved by his chairman of the SPLM-IO party’. He said.

He revealed that the suspended Commissionerhas freedom to travel he wishes but not Yirol West county because within Yirol West, he was found of complicating matters.

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