Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

This week, members of the august house were taken through a number of processes in readiness for the incoming peace process and the expected new face of government of national unity comes next month. It is turning out to be true that time has come and the political disease is spreading like bushfire. There are those who do not sleep anticipating the attention of the appointing authorities. The next government is real and that the MPs gathered at the workshop organized by their colleague in the “Prayers Breakfast Team” talks volume. They were taken through management skills in leadership. It took the speaker of the national assembly, Anthony Lino Makana a while to outlay public expectation of their parliamentary leaders. They should be role model to the society they represent and the country at large. It is not only MPs who should be taken through such conducts and processes. Some top public servants need to be given similar prescription for the required dosage of medicine for treatment. It is not always easy to find those who are committed to the cause of the country. Only few can fall in the commitment category. Like the MPs, the public servants should note that time is changing and that the world was racing towards global integration which needs vast and exposed knowledge in all fields of life. It is not acceptable to stand and remain standing forever for whatever reason. The MPs must be acquainted with the modern technology of life and must live to the expectation of the electorates and the appointing authority, which is among others to bring peace in the whole country. MPs should be like sunshine to the society, they should live to reflect their role and promote socio-cultural activities which bring all communities together while public servants should remain to be committed to service delivery within their dockets to help the appointing authority manage the affairs of the country diligently. There are those hell- bent doing things the opposite their required mandates. These are people who should be shown the doors if not dust because they are a let-down to public service delivery. Some of them are the same crop of people who are spending sleepless nights in anticipation of being appointed in the next order. They should be the least to expect to be there because the public expectation does not favour them being appointed or given any public positions. There are good reasons why the appointing authorities should comb and evaluate each and everyone’s contribution to the public that would be an extra qualification instead of those crowding and seeking positions through proxies and in the name of godfathers and powerful relatives. Time for such should be a thing of the past and any appointment should be done on merits. Yesterday will never be today and today will not be tomorrow. Therefore, for development to take positive cause politicians and public servants must lead the way to realities.

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