Yellow beats Blue team in Women football tournament

By Mabor Riak Magok

Yellow team has beaten blue team in a women and girls football tournament competition for peace organized by Samaritan aid organization in Mingkaman Freedom Square on Thursday.

The Yellow team finalized it by 3 goals and blue team 2 goals.

The match brought together women and girls from Internally Displaced and host community in Mingkaman of Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Michael Lam Augustine,from Samaritan Aid organization in Mingkaman said the organization brought together women and girls to promote the Revitalized Peace Agreement through sports as a kind of peace building.

“You know very well that women are key players in peace building, there are 50 women making peace building through sports and it is a one day activity,” said Michael Lam.

Mr. Lam said it is important to encourage women in peace building because women can also mobilize community for peace.

Elizabeth AgotAnyuon, the Yellow team football captain expresses joy as they beat the Blue team by 3:2 goals in the peace tournament at Mingkaman Freedom Square.

“We are very glad as a yellow team for having beaten the Blue 3:2 in the peace tournament,”said Agot.

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