Yei Women’s FC thrashes Yambio 3 goals to nil

By Baraka John

Yei Joint Stars Football Team has won over Yambio women’s football club by 3-0 on Sunday final competition in Yambio.

The game was played at Gbudue national Stadium where Yei Joint Stars fc took the lead in the first half of the game by scoring two goals againstYambio women team. The first half two goals came through DeburaAdut who put on jersey No 7 and PoniShakira wore jersey 10 added another goal making it two goals, while in the second half DeburaAdudt scored another goal making it three goals to Nil.

Yei Joint Women Starswill be hosting Torit at home while Yambio will travel to play Wau in their away game.

The match was attended by a number of spectators including Governor Alfred FutuyoKaraba who kicked the ball for the start of the match.

Miss Winy Elia, teamCaptain for Yei Joint StarsFC said the result of the match came through the hard training that her players underwent before going for this encounter.

“Oh! It was really a nice game, we really tried our best in the pitch and I am also very happy for the respect of this people in this land, because of this gameso that we could go back to give to our people in Yei that moral that is why we came with hope. We got a lot of fans in Yambio, we thought that we are the only people from Yei while we have our own people from Yei who reside in Yambio, they morally boosted us a lot, of course that is the highest win so far that we can never forget,” Ms. Winy said.

Asunta Alex the head coach for Yambio women team said although her side lost the match but her team players have learnt great lesson from the game. Despite the fact that this is her first time to lead Yambio women’s football team in a competition, Asunta expressed her readiness to improve on mistakes her players committed while on the pitch.

“The mistake actually came from our defence;the defenders were not focussed in the match, they were not active to attack the ball,so they relaxed, they wait for strikers from their opponent first to come closer and then they attack, actually that was the issue that led to our defeat. I just want to say I am sorry to our fans, I know that I have not done up to their expectation,” Ms. Alex said.

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