Yei women football team to play Yambio in competition

By Hassan Arun

Yei River County women footballteam will play Yambio team in Women leaguecompetitionnin Yambio on Sunday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview prior to their departure, the head coach Sony Harriet said they have prepared enough and that theplayers were ready to play Yambio.

Sheexpressedd readiness and confidence of winning the game in Yambio.

“We are prepared enough to take on Yambio on Sunday in group B and I amoptimistic that we are going to win the game,”Harriet said.

The team captain Ikoru Winnysaidtheir team promises to work hard in order to realize a win.

Shesaid lack of female coaches and medical personnel to traingirls and manage women sports was a setback and urges sports leaders to encourage girls to join all types of games.

The team captain calls on the public to stop restricting girls fromparticipating in sports activities for them to show up theirtalents to the outside world.

“We are very ready to travel and win in Yambio. We started thepreparations early enough and the number of friendly matches we playedhere with the small boys and the veterans helped us identify areasof our weakness,”she said.

It is the first time that South Sudan Football Association [SSFA]organized a women’s competition in the country.

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