Yei State passes 872.1 million SSP 2019/2020 budget

By: Kitab A Unango

Yei River State lawmakers on Monday passed the State’s 2019/2020 fiscal budget at the tone of 872.1 million South Sudanese Pounds with the main priority on infrastructure development.

If enacted in to law by the governor, the 872.1M will be utilized in less than five months as new financial year, 2020/2021 begins July.

Both the South Sudan National and State Constitution provide that the fiscal year shall commence on every July 1st of the year and ends on June 30th in the subsequent year,

Lokoroto Daniel Arama, Chairman of Finance, Economic and Public Service Development for Yei State Legislative Assembly blamed State’s Ministry of Finance for the delay.

“The state constitution provides that the fiscal year starts in every July 1st but unfortunately the ministry of finance could not affect his policy and this is what government have been constantly asking,” Arama said.

The Resource Envelop is expected to be funded by both the national and the state government at the tone of 564.2 and 307.9 million South Sudanese Pound respectively.

Speaking on phone from the state capital Yei, Arama highlighted other priorities in the budget as security stabilization, agricultural production and good neighborhood development.

“One challenge we are facing is the security environment. There are still some elements that disturb people in engaging in production activities. When we speak of the state own revenue this is revenue to be collected from the people,” he said.

“For this revenue to be collected from the people, they have to engage in production activities such as business and agriculture so that the government can collect revenues from them,” Asama said.

He appealed to the national government and people in Yei River state to the funding the budget to allow the state government to provide projected services to the citizens.

The State Peace Commission has been allocated 12.5 million to conduct peace conferences for building trust and hope as well to encourage peaceful resettlement the citizens.

Some major allocations to the institutions in the budget, included educated 123.9 Million, physical infrastructure 107.4 Million and accountability sectors 112 Million and health 61.6 Million.

Asama called for support from the national government and the state citizens to support the budget by fulfilling their obligations.

“We call upon on the national government  to ensure that it fulfill its obligation by providing grant to aid Yei River State so that the government can achieve one hundred percent its planned activities in 2019/2020.”

 “We are calling on all the people in Yei River State to build a very strong spirit on this budget. To mobilize resources so that it can be used to finance this budget so that the government what it has provided to the people,” Arama said.

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