Yei second hotspot for coronavirus

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Yei River County of Central Equatoria State has become a second hotspot of coronavirus in the country according to the newly coronavirus update.

The Ministry of Health confirmed on Sunday after the resumption of the weekly press briefing on coronavirus.

While briefing reporters, Dr. Mathew Tut, Director of Preparedness and Emergency Operations at the Ministry said the outbreak of the pandemic was fast escalating to other towns with Yei becoming the second in the list after Juba.

Dr. Tut suspected that the surging infection in other towns was imported from Juba.

“The outbreak is not only in Juba. It has also spread to different areas outside the city, with Yei following Juba with number of cases. We have other cases being reported in different areas,” he said.  

“We have few cases reported in Yambio, Aweil, Lakes State. Some of them are imported cases which traveled from Juba to those locations,” Dr. Tut added.

Bentiu Protection of Civilians (PoC) site is among the areas infected in the country.

At least two Protection of Civilians sites across the country have reported COVID-19 cases. 

Juba PoC, the hightest populated PoC in the country has more than three COVID-19 cases.

“In Bentiu, we have one case. And Juba PoC with more than three cases confirmed. So those are the PoCs with registered COVID-19 cases so far,” Dr. Tut said.  

He revealed that the breakdown of Yei cases was more than ten in the town.

“Regarding the Yei and Yambio, the breakdown of the cases in terms of males and females will be shared in the weekly situational updates where we have the full description. Yambio, has below four cases,” he said.

However, the death toll of coronavirus across the country has reached 27 as it stand now at 1,693. Among them are 1,300 males and 390 females.

The new confirmed cases in the last 48 hours were nine and one recovery, bringing the recovered total to 49 across the country.

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