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Yei River state to receive refugees

Yei River state department of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission has concluded a two day workshop on contagious planning to receive back home thousands of refugees from the neighboring countries.

Peter Butili Farjala, the Chairperson of the Commission said the workshop was meant to prepare for the coming of the refugees who they expect soon to start returning from the neighboring countries of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Butili continued that the genesis of the workshop was the result of the grassroots peace initiative that was signed in Kampala this year which grants safety for all displaced persons to return home.
The Chairman of the Commission appealed to both state government and national government to implement the grassroots peace initiative in letter and spirit.

According to Butili, the grassroots peace initiative that is going on in Yei, is the only thing that will enable the refugees to return home if it is implemented

Butili added that the government should guarantee security to any refugee who wishes to return home.

Meanwhile, one of citizens who did not want to be mentioned says, it was a good move that the state government has come up with the grassroots peace initiative. He said people in the camps were really suffering instead they should be encouraged to come back home.

Another citizen also says, women and children are suffering because there are no adequate medical services and that’s why most people are dying in the camps.

He hailed the state government over the grassroots peace initiative, but cautioned against the security of the refugees when they return home.

Yei River state currently has embarked on the grassroots peace initiative, opening roads leading to the villages in order to make easy access to the humanitarian agencies and as well to allow refugees to return home from the neighboring countries.
By Pazlo Emmanuel Jamaica

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