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Yei River state starts police recruitment

Authoirities in Yei River State launched the recruitment of 100 civilians into the National Police Force, the state Police Commissioner, Major General Yoasa Lujang Kamba said.

The announcement was made after the Police General Headquarters in the country called for all the states to recruit 100 police officers each into the National Police Force.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Kamba said the conditions considered for recruitment include, the person should be a South Sudanese, single, 18-25 years old, medically fit and must have a senior four (O Level) certificate or its equivalent.

He said all the thirteen counties in Yei River State were expected to submit at least seven (7) candidates each for screening, saying their  names will be sent to Juba on 17th September, 2017  to the Police General Headquarters for verification and screening.

“This news comes as an opportunity for the youths who have completed their senior four level and Sudan school Certificate to take part in working in the police force,” he said.

Kamba added that the call by the government also gives chance to the female youth since 20 percent of the women are always observed.

According to the Police Commissioner, the training will be held in Rejaf in Jubek state in a bid to produce competent and knowledgeable police officers in the country.

Recently, Yei River state graduated over two hundred police officers both men and women who underwent training for three months and since then they have been working together with the security organs in maintaining law and order in the state.
By Pazlo Emmanuel Jamaica

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