Yei River State peaceful, says official

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

Authorities in Yei River State said the state has remained peaceful since the last incident that took place in Morobo County more than a month ago.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, Mawa Moses, Yei River State Information Minister said for the last month Yei has been one of the most peaceful States in the country.

“Yei River State is becoming the real Yei that was known by everyone as Small London, when I said small London simply I am meaning peacefulness of the state that means every county in the state is peaceful,” Moses told Juba Monitor.

He said everybody was going on with their own business due to the improved situation within the State.

However, Moses added that there were some people who were found of spreading false information so as to create fear to the public.

“I am appealing to those anti peace groups who are giving fake information and rumors so that people can panic to stop it,” he said.

He said all the roads connecting the Yei River State to the other States are functioning well, especially Yei-Juba road and Yei- Kaya road that used to be impassable.

Moses said people need to know that war cannot make them to move forward but it only lead to destruction. “War always takes the country backward, it cannot take a country forward and it is the only thing that we need to realize that, peace is the only way to end our suffering in this country,” Moses stressed.

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