Yei River State officials survive attack on its Convoy

Alfred Kenneth Duku, Information Minister Yei River State (File Photo)

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

The state information minister of Yei River has alleged that they survived attack on their convoy by rebels belonging to Dr. Riek Machar on Friday.

Mr. Alfred Kenneth Duku told Juba Monitor on a phone interview that the attack happened at around 4:30 PM in an area known as Payawa, Nine miles from Yei town along Yei-Kaya road.

“We were returning from an official visit to Kaya with a delegation headed by the adviser on security affairs David John and the Finance Minister Kenyi Abiaza and then we fell onto an ambush in a place called payawa around 4:30 pm,” Duku said.

He said there was no casualty even though the government force that was escorting them exchanged gunfire with the rebels for about 15 minutes before the government army repulsed them.

He cited that on the 30th last month a similar attack was launched on a civilian convoy that was travelling to Uganda and killed two people, kidnapped two and injured one person in the same route.

Duku stressed that the state government has condemned the attack and called on armed groups to respect the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.

He added that they have reported the incident to the Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM) to look into the latest attack on the government by the rebels which he cited it as violations of the 2017 ceasefire agreement which was signed between the government and the opposition factions in Addis Ababa.

The opposition forces alleged to have attacked the convoy could not be contacted for comments.


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