Yei Local football Association discusses grievances

Yei Local Football Association

By Fatuma Asha Ali

The President of Yei Local Football Association on Thursday conducted a meeting to discuss their grievances.

The meeting followed the resignation of the Football Association’s SecretaryGeneral earlier this week.

Justin Lokonga told Juba Monitor that he had briefed the Secretary-General of the association, adding that the SG has shown his will to reverse his mind.

“He reversed his mind and agreed to get back to the office as I am speaking to you right now we have already solved our issues and we are now working together. We will not carry out any election till further notice”, said the president of Yei local Football Association, Justin Lokonga.

However, when contacted, John Kenyi who resigned earlier this week denied the statement said by the Yei Local Football Association presidency.

 “it is not true that we resolved the issue, but we just had a meeting yesterday and I also gave a condition according to the letter, I said I will be available on the 8th of next month to get my report and put them on desk”, he said.

Kenyi said that he would be going to office to ensure that his reports and other enquiries within the association are done.

 “I will be available on the 8th because the day I put my resignation, am still working on my reports and following other things like if there are questions presented to the association within these days but I will not resume”, Kenyi added.

He further added that if he could decide to leave without resignation, people might think he went with the property of the association that is why he is still available so that he would be able to answer queries.

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