Editorial 9th May 2018

A scenario is emerging in Yei between the law-makers and NGOs operating in the area. The bone of contention is that these organizations which are many in number in Yei River State are involved in corruption and did not serve the interest of the people. This is just an indicator, there are good and bad NGOs. Some really take their work seriously but a number of them made of briefcase operatives are milking the donors through all manners of deals in the name of humanitarian assistance. Many cases have been brought up and the regulators and other authorities notified but end up doing very little or nothing at all. Initially, many NGOs were being and still being managed by foreigners. This should not be the yard-stick to try and deny people the much services they need. The case of Yei is just one among many others occurring or happening in the country. A number of them are not audited or checked while others collude with some famous individuals to pocket what is meant for the development of the intended societal beings. Immediately after gaining independence, the influx and mushrooming of these institutions were on top gears. Many of them made their kill without providing the services they promised people while others just ran away with millions of donor funding not to be traced to date. It is high time that like in Yei other States should come up with a well-planned work schedule because at the end, these organizations cannot operate in isolation without the state or the national governments supporting and ensuring their activities were servicing the interest of the majority. Those which do not cooperate with the government should be vetted and their intention revealed to the public. Many of them employ people disguised as aid workers while in reality they are “wolves in goat’s skin”

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