Yei Football Secretary-General resigns

By:Fatuma Asha Ali

 The Secretary-General for Yei local football association (YLFA) has resigned due to heavy workloads.

In an interview with juba monitor yesterday, Mr. John Kenyi who resigned said that he had to quit because he was overloaded with too much work.

“We are supposed to be 11 members but since our election, the president is fully in juba and his vice is in yei doing his personal business and the other ‘members quit the office previously and nothing is done to replace them,” he said.

Kenyi has been struggling to talk to the board members so that they can see their replacement so that their activities continue but nothing was done.

 “Although I tried my best to make football move well in yei was not easy and other members are not cooperating, we have lots of issues, I resigned so that the association will look into the issue because I have been one of the most active people but nothing has been done well, and the work was becoming tiresome,” he cited.

He revealed that he was handling roles that are not supposed to be handled by him because the members are not on groundwork, it’s was so heavy work on him, and later decided to resign so that people will do election that can help local football to grow.

“Am not blaming anyone because we all came to the office through the election and to do our jobs respectively,” he said.

He said that their president who is supposed to lead the attires of the association is in juba doing nothing.

“whenever we consult him he keeps saying you guys in yei keep doing your job and his vice who is currently in yei is just relaxant and doing nothing, he hardly comes to the office as I mention in the letter the president has not even seen the office for once all members are out there lobbing in the name of the association and I started serving the association on the 18th, December 2020,” he explained.

 He said that his departure will help the upcoming secretary displace things in place if that happens everything will be ok because if he continued to keep quiet, things will look normal and fine.

“When I was serving the association we were able to register female team which became successful and they are able to win, the south Sudan women league at the national level with yei joint stars, I was able to transfer our paper work into digital to make work easier for all the departments, I am encouraging commitment for all the association members so that this does not repeat again in the nearest future,” he noted.

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