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Yei electricity cooperation resumes operation

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Commissioner of Yei River County in Central Equatoria State has on Sunday confirmed that Yei electricity cooperation will resume operation

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa explains that the County government has reached a partnership with Nile corps

He assures of the government’s commitment to providing security and other necessary requirements for running the utility to ensure consistency of the public power.

Cyrus adds that the company will run the utility in shared responsibility with the government.

He tasked and entrusted Nile corps company to establish meter system to reduce burden of payment collection to avoid defaulting bills payment.

The commissioner warns the public from taking the public electricity to be for free and defaulting payment of bills.

“We have reached a partnership with Nile corp in a public-private partnership that means Nilecorp shall be running the utility in a shared responsibility with the government where they will be unable to fulfil some mandates, the government will aid them,” he added

 He stated that the government will provide security and other necessary arrangements that are required to run the utility to ensure that it is run.

“We have also entrusted and tasked Nilecorp to establish a meter system to reduce the burden of payment collection where users of electricity default and become aggressive when payment is asked. I want to underline here that the electricity is not for free,” he warned

He stated that the local government leader urges the Nilecorp Company to be consistent with supply of the public power and respect the agreement signed.

He says the agreement reached is for ten Years and subject to renewal for the betterment of development of the county.

 Cyrus believes that the agreement reached to resume operation of the public power is a preparation for the future generation to benefit.

He urged the company not to work for self-interest but for the interest of the people of Yei River County, Central Equatoria and South Sudan as a whole.

“May I wish them the best that we will run together and shall not divorce each other and that this agreement will remain for the next ten Years as we observe whether they are doing it well and we will continue to renew this agreement as we move on?

We are preparing a future for those who are not born and those who are growing to benefit through that a better future is prepared by this current generation. So each one of us who are here should not make it for ourselves but remove out self-interest and put the interest of the people of Yei County first, “advises Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Martin LomatayoNilecoprs chief executive officer expresses delight for reaching the agreement to partner with the local government.

He promises to provide services to bring economic development in Yei and improve security in the county.

“I am very delighted today that we are opening a new chapter in the history of Yei River County and South Sudan that we are making a local partnership between a local company and local government. What we want to do is to provide services to bring economic development to the county and improve security in the area. I hope that this will be a long prosperous journey for us. What I want us to do is to build a better Yei for tomorrow. We want to leave Yei better than we found, “promises the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Yei electricity cooperation has suffered a management crisis since the onset of the conflict in the region in 2016.

The government tried establishing committees tasked to manage the running of the power but all failed to manage the public power that made utility of electricity to collapse.

All the agreements with the former committees were withdrawn and the responsibility is entrusted to Nilecorps in partnership with the county government.

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