Yau Yau denounces Dr. Machar’s statement

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The former Governor of Boma State Gen. David Yau Yau has denounced Dr. Riek Machar’s statement on decision made by President Kiir recognizing Greater Pibor as Administrative Area.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, Yau Yau said the statement made by Machar was null and void saying Greater Pibor was established since May 2014 in Addis Ababa following the agreement reached between Cobra Faction and the government.

“Our reason of being here is to denounce the reservation statement made by IO leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Khartoum reserving the three administrative areas that were being recognized by President Kiir,” Yau Yau said.

“This agreement that we are holding with us here is in everybody’s office, it in the Office of the President, Vice President, all officials, International Community and in the office of the team that was mediating all these agreements,” Yau Yau stressed.

The press meeting was attended by Gen. David Yau Yau, Murle elders, Youth, and women representative.

David Nyiro Yangkon who read the press release on behalf of the Greater Pibor Youth Union said the youth have unanimously welcomed the decision of the President to return the country to ten states plus three administrative areas.

Nyiro who is the Youth Secretary General for external affairs for GPAA said they stand with the President’s Kiir decision for recognizing Greater Pibor as an administrative area.

“The Youth Union would like to take this golden opportunity to appreciate President Sava Kiir Mayardit on the step to return the country to ten states and three administrative areas to achieve peace in the country,”Nyiro said.

He reiterated that the youth have refuted statement by IO leader arguing that Pibor should go back to Jonglei state a decision they said will never be accepted.

“According to the press statement of IO leader saying greater Pibor should be part of Jonglei state. We as youth of GPAA condemn this statement in the strongest terms possible,” he stated.

He said in 2015 Dr. Riek could not raise any complaint concerning the creation of Greater Pibor arguing that his claims were baseless.

“Why should Riek react today and make Greater Pibor as one of the problem without clear statement or sideline?” he asked.

The Secretary said they called on IGAD, Troika, AU, and other international organization to question Dr. Riek on the statement he issued in regard to Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

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