YALI Network trains youth on agribusiness

Participants during the seminar at the American Corner – University of Juba

(Photo: David Mono Danga)

AnetLagu, one of the participants and a YALI Network member


By David Mono Danga

The Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Network has trained members of its network on agribusiness skills.

The #YALI Learn Event that was held at the American Corner in the University of Juba brought together about 50 young South Sudanese leaders across Juba City.

Participants brainstormed innovative ideas on topics to improve commercial food production, identified challenges facing the agricultural sector and provided possible solutions.

Some of the topics consist; Gender sensitivity while leasing land for agricultural entrepreneurs, technical training and insurance issues in agriculture, challenges in accessing arable land or initial capital for agricultural investments.

Eng. Emmanuel Gilbert Saulo, one of the YALI Network Alumni who organized the seminar said the agribusiness course provides essential information on building a successful agricultural entrepreneurship that highlights the importance of agriculture to security, nutrition, employment and cultivating valuable agribusiness relationships among youths.

He said Food Insecurity is one of the problems that affect the citizens across the country.

“This course provides information on the various pathways available to young professionals to strengthen the agricultural economy and provide employment opportunities within their communities. From the benefits of food security and how agribusiness can make a positive impact on society, to a look at the agricultural value chain and how the use of technology and marketing increases the opportunities available for agribusiness to the tools needed to invest and partner with agricultural producers to create an successful enterprise,” Eng. Saulo said.

He urged people to visit the YALI Network website (www.yali.state.go) and take up the free online courses to equip themselves with agricultural entrepreneurial skills that shall benefit them.

Annet Lagu, one of the participants and a YALI Network member said the seminar offered her the opportunity to attend the lesson live with other people.

“I use to only take the course online but today I felt like we are a family coming together to learn from each other’s experiences. We have only been online but it has not been lively like it was today (Wednesday),” Annet revealed.

She said she enjoyed the presentations and the interactions among the participants and promised to invite most of her friends to attend the seminar the next time it would be held.

The seminar covers three main areas;Agriculture and entrepreneurship – Creating a Way Forward where people would learn what agriculture is and why it matters, what it means to have food security, and how young professionals can contribute to the development of an advanced agricultural economy.

The other is, finding opportunities along the agricultural value chain, where participants would take an in-depth look at the agricultural value chain. Understanding the full range of functions along the value chain, opportunities for professionals within the value chain, and new ways technology is being used to add value to agricultural entrepreneurship.

And the last is; investing in Agriculture.  Here you learn how to turn your agricultural idea into a business. Understand where to invest your money, how to cultivate a business relationship, and find success in agricultural entrepreneurship.

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