Yahu de Boys in Mr. Right Tune

Mr. Right, a song produced in late June, 2017, is one of the latest love songs from the hard life-Avenue crew who are on a solo promotion per now.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the group leader, Nicky Prince said the song, Mr. Right is a dedication to everyone in love but urged that lovers should always choose the right persons to fully love whole heartedly.

“We all know relationships of this days are not 100 percent perfect. People fall in love with more than two partners because they doubt whether the relationship will work-out or not,” said Nicky

“In this song a man is trying his best to convince the lady that he is the Right man and the lady is doing all investigations to find out whether Mr. Right will marry her or not,” Mantani said

Linus De Genius, the producer of the song, who also belongs to the Crew said that what motivated them to come up with the song was how lovers end up heartbroken.

“In a society where we see what goes around in people’s relationships and love lives. Some of these people are our close friends. Love has a lot of issues; miss-trust, unfaithfulness, among others. Our advice in this song is always wait for the right person. Mr. Right for the ladies and Mrs. Right for the men,” Linus said

The Hard life Avenue excited their fans at Spot5 Munuki on the eve of independence 2017, when they sung the Mr. Right song for the first time.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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