Yabbi Lon unveils his Maras song

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Dancehall singer aka Yabbi Lon has unveiled his latest track titled Maras.

The song which has been in the production studio for some time is now out for fans to listen to and the get messages from it.

Maras song came as a direct message to those who are doing wrong such as the thieves, killers and robbers to stop and start doing the right things.

The singer also educates people to keep distance from the wrong people because they have nothing productive to offer.

“In every society were we live there are wrong people, but my message to them is to do the right things so that we develop our country, there is no way South Sudan will develop if we keep doing wrong”, said Yabbi Lon.

With his slogan, “made in junub” Yabbi lon told Juba Monitor that his “Maras” single came after him seeing that there are so many things happening in the country at the wrong way.

Blessed with Talent Yabbi Lon said that all he would do is to storm the studio and educate the masses through his song.

The song also teaches people to be real and stop being pretenders.

Yabbi Lon started his music in 2013 and is famously known for song like Dugu gonga and rabuna.

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