Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

My down memory lane came beckoning and haunting like a hunter’s shot. It remained me that Yaba tomorrow the 9th November 2019 you will be glorifying the creator, God for having brought you this far to see and breathe the air of being 65 years old. Of these in the long journey to where you stand 35 years have been spent cruising in the journalism world which has seen you criss-cross the terrains, mountains, seas and oceans of the world. It remained me of the best, good, bad and worst days of my life but it also told me to thank God because of the way to my inner success, he has always been with me. I owe all these to my wife Jane, children whom l love so much , my late dad Peter Odoyo and living aged mom Priscilla Obiero that they were able to bring me up with an up-right background to propel me this far. On the way, l must have made enemies, some real and some imagined but all in all there must be a room for forgiveness which from my side l do honestly offer. On the way this far, l have equally made many good and bad friends who l do not regret meeting but l would want to remain with good ones because life is what you want to make it and if you must, don’t make it with wrong friends or those who do not add value into your life. I have resisted and rejected them but l do not refuse to give them audience when and if necessary for the purpose of purposes. My background has taught me to live a simple but meaningful life. Be committed to the cause of humanity and world nature which can be savior to mankind and be more committed to advocate for peace in all situations. It has a long journey which has taken me to many parts of the world and l appreciate this because somewhere someone recognized the efforts of members of the fourth estate although some time with penalties which made some end their lives in mysterious circumstances. For my professional colleagues the world-over and employees of different media houses, your role of educating, informing and entertaining must be real and to the expectation of people charged and trusted to be public watchdogs. Don’t be tempted or swayed from the path you have taken of being in this jargon called journalism for anything worldly or individualistic. Live above and beyond reproach and remain a role model to the society. Watch out who is your friend because many in the know-how will only want to use and dump you when that time comes. Be the next Yaba of the cause of action to mentor and role-model the younger generation. For me Yaba Odongo l have done my part. How about you out there. Can you stand to be counted among people who advocates and champion the positive cause of human beings with whatever little tool you have in your hand.

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