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Wrestling in Jonglei State turns violent  

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least one person was severely wounded after wrestling between youth of Ajoung and Pakeer in Twic South County of Jonglei State turned violent.

One of the eye witnesses, John Kuot told Juba Monitor that the wrestling had started peacefully but later changed to intense which led to the fighting.

“Things fell apart between Anok and Kuach after youth from each side decided to shoot themselves during a misunderstanding over a person who was thrown down,” Mr Kuot claimed.

Anok is from Ajoung Payam while Kuach comes from Pakeer Payam both belong to Twic South County.

Mr Kuot explained that one of the wrestlers from Ajuong was “horribly” thrown down to the floor, a throw he said the opponents did not like.

”It is true that one wrestler from Ajuong was thrown down by Pakeer wrestler but they (Ajoung youth) said that their person was miserably thrown down. So the misinterpretation caused a fight in the field,” Mr Kuot said.

He narrated that after the defeat the opponents allegedly opened fire at Pakeer wrestlers wounding one person.

Mr. Kuot continued that the person who was shot on the thigh was getting treatment at Maar Health Centre awaiting referral to Bor State Hospital.

Another eye witness who spoke on condition of anonymity for the fear of reprisal claimed that he anticipated that there was going to be a fight.

”This was real even before the wrestling started. The fans have been shooting up randomly but when their person was defeated they started shooting at the wrestlers and fans of Pakeer,” he stressed.

”This was a bad experience seeing people shooting during a social event which was hosting a lot of people,” he added.

Commissioner of Twic South County, Daniel Deng Manyok said the authorities of Twic South were working hard to apprehend all the suspects.

”They will answer in the court of law. They cannot be a problem and threat to the development in the county. We will not hesitate to make them accountable,” Manyok promised.

Mr. Manyok said it had become a culture for youth in the area to disappear when they commit crimes. However, he vowed that this time none of them will escape.




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