Wounded student’s parents blame university for incident

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Parents of a student shot inside Juba University hostel this week have blamed the University for negligence.

The fourth-year student of University of Juba was shot and wounded early when armed men entered the female hostel at night.

The girl known as Mary Agau is now nursing her wounds at Giada Military Hospital.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Lt. Gen. Maluk Akech Deng, one of the family representatives blamed the university administration for not protecting the students.

He said the university administration failed to provide security to the hostels.

“We have no much to say but we blame the university administration because they failed to provide security to students in the hostel. All the girls in the dormitory can go out from the hostel and come back at their wish since there are no security guards at the hostels,” Akech said.

He said since the lady was shot, there has been no response from the university administration.

Akech said they have opened a police case awaiting arrest of the suspects.

“The security agents are working to follow the case in case the suspect is arrested, he can be tried,” he said.

He however expressed disappointment that many criminal cases are not tried in the courts.

Akech urged the University of Juba to be responsible and tell them what they have done regarding the student.

“Unknown gunmen are known to everybody but no one can be blamed, Akech said.

According to Akech, the student said the criminals entered the room and ordered them to bow down and took some of their property.

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