Wounded heroes feel ‘abandoned’ over missed medals

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Some wounded heroes who have not received medals and ribbons last week have complained over the section criteria, saying they have been abandoned by the government.

Last week, some 116 wounded heroes were awarded for their sacrifices during the liberation struggle.

Sergeant Joseph Thon Alier, who lost a leg during the liberation struggle, complained that some of them have been abandoned by the government.

He said he missed the award yet he lost one of his legs in 1992 during the SPLA war.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the occasion for awarding ribbons and medals to the wounded heroes, Alier said some of those who were awarded had lost parts of their bodies on personal account but not in wars.

“If all of us ran to other countries like what happened to the rest of the people, some of us would have not lost their legs and limps and life. If we were not brave during the war, there would be nothing called independence,” Alier said.

He now demands the government to reconsider awarding other wounded heroes who have not received medals.

“I request government to consider all freedom fighters, those who liberated this country, to recognize them. I know some people who received medals were not liberators, they lost their body parts for personal issues,” Alier stated.

However, Colonel Philip Jok Mooch one of the officers who received the medal, thanked the government for recognizing them.

He said those who did not receive medals should be patient for their time in the future.

“If government is working forward everybody will be happy. Those who received medals and those who have not, I sure my fellow wounded heroes that by next year the same program will continue,” Jok said.

“I appeal to those who have not received medals to be patient; they should not feel abandoned because this is the beginning,” he added.


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