Wounded fish appear in Aweil

By William Madouk Garang

The Ministry of Animal Resource and Fisheries in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state (NBGs) has warned local communities in Aweil West and Center counties to stop consuming fish so that they will not be ill by wounded fish that appeared in Lol River in Aweil.

Fishermen and populations in Aweil West and Center respectively expressed their worries and fear after they discovered that some fish were hood out with wounds or found dead with a strange warning sign in their bodies. 

In response last week, the state Ministry of Animal Resource and Fisheries dispatched an investigative team to Nyamlel and Aroyo towns to find out what kill or cause the wounds on fish’s bodies in Lol River.

According to the state ministry, no human losses was reported but some birds were been infected after they ate suspected fish. Details about this odd ailment is still scanty.

Director General at the Ministry of Animal Resource and Fisheries, Luka Manut Jel said that mudfish was affected with an average of 100 per cent and scale fish with 50 per cent.

“the fish that are been affected by this disease is a mudfish, mudfish is affected to the maximum of 100% and the scale fish are affected with the percentage of 50%, the fish are infected in two counties without any river left out so all the rivers are affected,” Jel said.

He stressed that the team had come out with some resolutions among which was the suspension of fishing activities and banning of fish consumption and also informed people in other counties to be vigilant and report any suspected case.

Jel further said that since the river is suspected to be contaminated all families along the river were advised not to drink before boiling the water to get rid of bacteria and other germs.

“We have advised them to warm the water first and then they drink, so this is actually the advice we give to them as the ministry of concern, people shouldn’t drink water without boiling it,” he instructed.

“We are looking for intervention such as technical aspect and this morning I have talked to ministry of fisheries and livestock in Juba and they have informed us that the team is on now process of arranging for logistic and on Thursday they will be here on the ground such that other assessment and the sample will be taken from those two counties to a lab and the feedback of the results shall be out next week,” he added.

He advised the communities to take their cattle to water ponds that were been dug to get a drink there to avoid being infected by disease until further study is carried out.

One of the Nyamlel residents who witnessed the issue said” I went to the riverside, fish are recovered dead with wounds all over their bodies, I have asked my family members not to eat any type of fish until the authority tells us what is happening,” 

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