Worries over worries, life is unkind!

By Ngor Khot Garang

It is very unkind to think that everyone you meet is okay. It is also bad to assume that every nice person you know have got it all in life. People are going through a lot. There is suffering, pain, rejection, strife and hopelessness all around the world. Life is not what God has designed it to be. It is favoring the few but all die and be buried to be eaten up by maggots.

Thinking about this each night, tears just fill my eyes and when I decide to wake up to have a little nap after a painful sleepless night, the tears couldn’t let me sleep, the load gets harder and the doors ahead slams themselves before me which only amounts to crying more.

Sometimes, I sit alone each day and gaze at the sky to see if anything more than my daily weights would catch my attention.

I would wait to see if the sky will be kind enough to change those beautiful clouds into hope written in capital letters. But all in all, and with a heart that is half-broken, I watch opportunities fading and gliding away to a farer distant that I can’t even imagine.

I watch those beautiful clouds gulping my dreams and the spirit of fear stroke my whole body. Where will I be few hours later, in the evening or even tomorrow? I could not find an answer to the question I asked myself, isn’t it funny?

I recall my unhappy childhood and those words that were said that if it did not start well from the beginning, be assured that your future is great.

Now I watch a future that is almost unreal, I remember those hard days and a future with vivid picture.

My parents had wished to have a life better than what they are currently living and am now wishing and my unborn children will do the same.

For what use shall I hold these tears?  How I wish I had the power to tell those unborn children to be better prepared for the world they are coming to.

I know some will refuse and others will come while knowing that, life is a story that is hard to narrate.

I believe you may not take it hyperbole if I say,  we as human beings regardless of where were are,  what we eat or the amount of money we have in the bank,  are in the same boat and we are being held by the same fabric and each of us wrestle with life every day.  I hope no one can deny that, life forgives no one whether you are a child, widow or a person with disabilities.

We must accept life the way it is and mind our own business even when it gives us lemons. 

I am not the only person who is downtrodden and badly pressed by life, many South Sudanese including those with nice cars are undergoing the same experience. 

Life is hard to everyone even those that we assume to be the happiest in life. It is a mindset not of South Sudanese alone but every human being that those who drive nice cars are the happiest people around.

That is not true at all, these people that we loathed and condemned for having robbed us of our happiness are just hollow inside and there is something in their hearts that money, cars, or a beautiful bungalow can’t fill.

There is something that they always look up for.

We may condemn or even judge a happy and nicely dressed gentleman or a young lady you meet on the road with imagination that they are the fulfilled ones or from a well to do families.

But if our eyes are to be opened to see through people, we would see tears and hopelessness behind those smiling faces and pain inside those nice clothes.

Nothing is as heavy as this pain weighs; many people would forge smile on their faces when they are really crying inside and we would think that they are the corrupt or the fulfilled people when they are truly not.

Let us not be judgmental because all that we meet on our way are going through the same pain and others are fighting the same battle as you do.

It is only that South Sudanese are resilience and people of indistinguishable hope but we have a lot of reasons to always cry for what we are going through.

When we meet a little child carrying sweets for sell and at the end of the day, he/ she goes home with less than 50 South Sudanese pounds and he/she will still be motivated rise up with an empty stomach in the following morning to go hawking his sweets even when knowing that nobody will buy his sweets.

This is what we call hope and it is what keeps most of the South Sudanese going every day, even in the face of daunting difficulties, we still gobble hope that never comes.

Therefore, if you have nothing now and your neighbors has it. Don’t feel like you are left behind.

You never know what those people have gone through to become who they are.

I don’t know if you have ever seen a beautiful necklace made out of gold or diamond.  Do you know the process the gold or diamond has to go through to become a shiny necklace? 

If you have seen or yet, then you better understand that there is no such thing as success without challenges. 

How can we make it in life without problems?  Problems gives us strength and a lot of reasons to do our best. Don’t ever think of giving up, it is sorrow now and success later. Remain the way you are, don’t turn into something else and refuse to be somebody that you are not meant to be.

It is there in life that challenges are going to invade you from every window of life that you think of shot cuts.  But if you are reading this, don’t take shot cuts.  You will reach your destination no matter how slow you walk.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope and for being part of a community working towards positive transformation of South Sudan

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