Worries kill indiscriminately!

Truth Empowers

By Christopher Sebit


Of a host of things standing behind the rapidly rocketing death rate in South Sudan, worries plus frustrations are the most noticeable leaders. They are believed to have the power to reduce life expectancy and render human beings hopeless, irrational, unthinkable, impatient, aggressive and vulnerable for disease attacks.

Nowadays, majority of our citizens are affected with chronic worries triggering various kinds of frustrations, perhaps never experienced, in any part of the globe. Take a small survey involving 5 persons to find out their daily life experiences. Don’t be surprised to discover that all of them have given you the same response. The common response you will surely get is “I didn’t get food for my family yesterday or for the last two days despite having run so much. I was awake the whole night and I felt a lot of pains in my body”.

Indeed, all the low-income earners form the bulk of the population of our country. They survive on hand to mouth basis. Survival is determined by one’s ability to go around the town seeking for financial aid from friends or other good wishers. It is reality a risky endeavour. At times, one ends up getting nothing and returns home miserably to declare the failure of life-line economic operation to his/her family members.

The failure of the daily life-line economic operation means that each member of the family must prepare to sleep with empty stomach. This is terrible. Sleeping with empty stomach makes one restless, fatigue and afraid throughout the night—thus increasing worries, frustration, or anxiety. Rage, hopelessness, fear, worries, anxiety, alcoholism, aggressiveness and abnormally increased sexual behaviours are symptoms of trauma. They are triggered by traumatic experiences of varying degrees.

Our people are subjected to a variety of traumatic experiences. They have genuine reasons for expressing worries. In the first place, they are worried about the hazardous path, full of thorns, the country is moving through. Secondly, they are worried about the future of their children who are caught up in a bleak education lacking real power to guarantee teachers’ incentives, and credible learning opportunities that enable the children acquire career skills necessary for successful livelihood.

Thirdly, they are worried about the hyperinflation that has devalued their local currency and has deformed the economy—making efforts geared towards recovery approach permanent failure given irreversible inherent political mentality of the power elite. Fourthly, they are afraid that the mediators (IGAD countries) and the international community are either reluctant or incapable to restore peace and security to their war-torn country.

Worries impact the health of our poor innocent people negatively. Increasing deaths are linked to worries. Many individuals the author has interacted with agreed with the hypothesis that the rocketing and alarming death rate in the country is a function of worries. Worries kill indiscriminately. It appears no one can escape death emanating from worries if the social upheavals do not find a route out of our governance system.

The death rate cannot give our people a space to breathe. Nor does it spare their meager financial resources. One may be harassed with ten consecutive deaths within short intervals of time to the extent that one is unable to conduct funeral rite. There is fear that the death rate is likely to depopulate the country and undermine population growth as the birth rate seems to be seriously declining.

Many potential professionals: lecturers, teachers, doctors, engineers, politicians, journalists and administrators have perished. A big number of children, youth, women and men die daily. This is the bitter experience our country is going through. It is not exaggeration to say that the number of deaths at the moment exceeds the number of deaths at the time of the liberation struggle. We are caught up in dilemma. What can we do to rescue the remaining population from getting exterminated?

The surest route out of the worries and deaths for our people is to increase the level of cooperation and networking among themselves. They are advised to throw away selfishness and share equally or equitably whatever meager resources they have. The ethnic prejudices in public offices should be put aside, and instead the spirit of dialogue should be embraced in addressing conflicts.

Dialogue Kills worries! God restore hope in the people of South Sudan and pull down the disturbing high death rate to enable your people heal multiple traumas bothering them and focus on issues that help bring about opportunities for just peace, reconciliation and unity in diversity! Amen.



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