The importance of the Wildlife and Tourism  came into being and clear when the three days’ workshop opened its door at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre with open remark from Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga on how important the sector is towards the development of the economy. Indeed the workshop whose theme is “implementation of reformation for sustainable wildlife conservation and productive tourism industry” still needs a lot by creating public awareness to the general public to fully understand how the industry could be turned around to be among the top revenue earners. Little if any are known and for those who understand the benefit, they use the knowledge mostly for themselves by poaching and killing carelessly some endangered species which cannot be easily replaced. It requires collective approach by key players to ensure protection instead of wanton killings, mostly carried out by the same game wardens and some other security organs who are charged with the protection of these animals, fauna and flora. The extinction should be brought to an end since mostly they are done not for any important value but for domestic use. The poachers who understand the value of their mission mostly work for some external or outsiders who end up exporting parts of the products to foreign lands for huge profit. Obviously, some neighbouring countries are known to generate more revenue from this sector which goes together with the hospitality industry. Let this workshop not be a waste of time but an event that will be an eye opener for now and the future protection of the animals and the natural resources that goes with them. It should be a start of creating major public awareness in the sector and a calling for protection of these valuable animals. The key players should not relax their muscles in their quest to ensure the growth of the sector took off the ground and remain growing for the well-being of the country.

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