CEPO Press Release

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization-CEPO would like to take this chance to congratulate the humanitarian community in marking the World Humanitarian Day in 2017. The humanitarian community in South Sudan has registered great success history in rescuing lives of civilians in violent conflict. We are aware that the humanitarian community in South Sudan has also paid high prices by losing lives of some of the workers during performing their esteem duties. We all together are urging our almighty God to rest their souls in internal peace.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO this year World Humanitarian Day is focusing in convening message to the public and specially the armed groups that “civilians and Humanitarian workers should not be your target”. “Hindering humanitarian services is working for the death of the vulnerable population at risk”. Standing for effective facilitation of humanitarian services is demonstration of commitment for honoring the principle of “responsibility to protect”.

These messages are very clear and directed to those who like to target civilians and humanitarian workers during their violet conflict. Looting humanitarian stores or other properties is a crime.  The past experiences in South Sudan of killing humanitarian workers and looting humanitarian stores should not allow continued. Mr. Yakani stressed

CEPO is urging the various government institutions and community members to stand for effective and non-restricted humanitarian space in South Sudan. CEPO appreciate the past positive collaboration of the government with the humanitarian actors. CEPO is urging genuine and effective partnership on humanitarian services between the government and the humanitarian actors

Finally, CEPO is kindly urging the humanitarian actors and the government to join hands for facilitation of “Dry Season National Conference”. CEPO is planning for the conference to take place in Sept. 2017

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