A high powered delegation of financial experts left the country for Washington DC and arrived for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting on Sunday. This meeting is similar to the one also attended by a delegation headed by the Finance Minister, Stephen Dhieu Dau some few months ago. This team is also headed by the same man in charge of the money docket. For us as a country, it is not who is heading the delegation that really matters. What is important is the trust and achievement of that person. We can attest that in the last meeting which took the Minister and his team through Ankara on their way back home, a lot had been reported to have been achieved including promises to fund needy projects in the country and humanitarian assistance, which indeed we saw some being delivered for the famine cases. What the team should do now while at this world meeting is to make appropriate follow-ups for the past agreements and source for new ones which do not come with some string attachments. The effect of the country’s economic recovery can only be made real when all key players are speaking the same language. There is no shortcut and just like peace, the recovery needs honest and truthful approach. The minister with his team needs our full support to achieve the mission on behalf of this country. This can only happen with the socio and political will from all key players. This is why whatever is happening in Washington meeting of the world is of interest to us because we want to know the direction of the “world economic order” or which way it was taking. It cannot be ignored because right now the global price of oil is affecting the whole world. It cannot be ignored because the foreign currency ratio is climbing up day and night. Dau and his team needs support to help them address these issues at the financial global arena.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


When Vice President Dr. Wani Igga called on investors to pay more attention in the oil industry it came out clear that he was asking for development to come home sooner than later. Because the source of development cannot be achieved without “power” in short electricity. Uganda has indicated willingness to power the country from the border town of Nimule, which will be good news if and when it takes off. Dr. Wani Igga’s call came at the right time when all are set for lasting peace and economic development. It is true the country needs power among others for the development of economic sectors with industries and factories taking the lead attention. This will help in creating environmental awareness, jobs to the many young people who are in need and boost the economic growth. Our friend SaPT supports this idea to the hilt. He is in need of job creation for the youth. He is in need of proper equality of all pocket friendly needs. He is in need of catching up with the ever growing technology to improve the country’s development. He is in need of proper sanitation and environmental friendly atmosphere and he is in need of education and health for all not forgetting shelter and stomach (food). Our common friend is in need for basics, which the common-man needs for daily existence. It is only with keen and proper arrangements, getting constant power supply, included that a number of our friend’s needs could be achieved. But above all peace must take the centre stage. SaPT was sure that peace was only a knocking distance away before reaching us, its intended destination. With peace all will stable and people will go about their businesses freely without fear or favour. To every ear and mouth, “peace” remained the magic word, which must be preached in every corner of the country. Our friend decided to take a four hours journey to the border town of Nimule to find out if the utterances or promises by officials of both brother governments had started or embarked on the finding or survey of the “power point” to connect the two countries or the sources of the power supply across.





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