World Bank declines to fund education sector

By Staff Reporter

World Bank said it would not provide any fund unless the government increases its annual budget location for education sector, Minister of General Education and Instruction Awut Deng Acuil has said.

Speaking during welcoming ceremony into new Office on Tuesday, Awut said it was time for the new leadership to consider education as a priority.

“I know the budget of education from day one has not met the international standard. Last year when I was with World Bank they said they will not help unless the Ministry of Finance and Planning increased the budget for education,” said Awut.

“People have to focus on education. This is something not a single leader can do alone unless all our collective efforts are geared toward education,” she added.

She said South Sudanese children have not got chance to education for the last throughout the period of civil war.

“I have been going to my constituency I know what is there when it comes to education. To address the challenges the leadership in this ministry should work as a team together and move together to send one message that everybody should value education,” Awut said.

She asked the nation to promote girl child education through the support of parents and education partners in the country.

 “We are going to educate girl child, we are going to take example on Daniel Moi for girls’ child education and empowering women through education,” Awut said.

Mohamed Musa Chairperson of Special Committee of Education National Assembly directed the Minister and the team to work hard to upgrade the salary of teachers. He said teachers are most important element in the education process.

“Up to now we have some students and pupils who are still study under trees, we need to change that .You need to increase the enrolment of our girls, especially in the rural areas and stop the early marriage,” said Musa.

He said the new Minister should be vigilant on national examination council.

“We hope that we will work as one family to push for education and build our nation because education is most important pillar for the development for our country.”

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